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 49th Parallel (1941)

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PostSubject: 49th Parallel (1941)   Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:14 pm

Rating: 7.6/10
Runtime: 123 min / USA:122 min (TV version: M-G-M print) / USA:104 min
Language: English / French / German
Country: UK
Color: Black and White
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0033627/

Director: Michael Powell
Richard George ... Kommandant Bernsdorff
Eric Portman ... Lieutenant Hirth
Raymond Lovell ... Lieutenant Kuhnecke
Niall MacGinnis ... Vogel
Peter Moore ... Kranz
John Chandos ... Lohrmann
Basil Appleby ... Jahner
Laurence Olivier ... Johnnie - the Trapper
Finlay Currie ... The Factor
Ley On ... Nick - the Eskimo
Anton Walbrook ... Peter
Glynis Johns ... Anna
Charles Victor ... Andreas
Frederick Piper ... David
Leslie Howard ... Philip Armstrong Scott

Description: A damaged U-boat is stranded in a Canadian bay in the early years of World War II. The Fanatical Nazi captain and his crew must reach the neutral United States or be captured. Along the way they meet a variety of characters each with their own views on the war and nationalism. In this film Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger show their ideas of why the United States should join the Allied fight against the Nazis.

Download Links:
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rapidshare.com 49th_Parallel-Michael_Powell_1941_.part01.rar
rapidshare.com 49th_Parallel-Michael_Powell_1941_.part02.rar
rapidshare.com 49th_Parallel-Michael_Powell_1941_.part03.rar
rapidshare.com 49th_Parallel-Michael_Powell_1941_.part04.rar
rapidshare.com 49th_Parallel-Michael_Powell_1941_.part05.rar
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rapidshare.com 49th_Parallel-Michael_Powell_1941_.part16.rar
rapidshare.com 49th_Parallel-Michael_Powell_1941_.part17.rar
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49th Parallel (1941)
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